The biggest problem that we’re tackling, and the problem we started STATEWARE to address, is that students leaving many undergraduate CSE programs have not been exposed to an immersive software development experience. Students leave with the ability to solve problems with software, but few have the ability to put those skills to use collaboratively, in a structured environment, where code is only a part of the process as opposed to a short-term process in itself. This translates to a costly training period in which employers are tasked with addressing a consistent skills gap in getting new hires to integrate with their team and quickly start contributing meaningfully.

Our goal is to mold Penn State’s exceptional students into professional engineers. As a sponsor, your company will have a number of exclusive paths of access to this motivated group of student engineers. We are prepared to offer the following:

Resume Book

Sponsors will receive a resume book for all students involved in STATEWARE. Currently, this is 12 students, but we expect to increase this number in the future.

Job Board

Sponsors are able to post any open job listings on a job board on our website.

Guest Lectures

Each sponsor is optionally able to host a guest lecturer to present at an ACM general meeting at some point during the semester. Note that while STATEWARE students are required to attend 3 of 4 of these lectures, this exposes your company to ~30 ACM students at a given meeting. We currently have 3 remaining lecture spots to fill for the Spring 2015 semester.

End of Semester Presentation/Networking Event

Sponsors are optionally able to have representatives attend an end of semester project presentation by the students, followed by an informal networking event that is open to all ACM members.

Citation in Publications and PR

Your company will be mentioned by name in any publications or press associated with STATEWARE.

Company Logo on Website and T-Shirts

Your logo will be featured on our website ( and T-shirts given to participating students.

Note: Our projects are exclusively for the purposes of Penn State research, and we are not considering projects offered by sponsors. We appreciate your understanding of our mission and focus.

Your Contribution

To sponsor STATEWARE for the Spring 2015 semester, we’re asking for the following:

  • $1000 for costs associated with buying any necessary software tools or hardware, the networking event, T-shirts, and support for general ACM operations.
  • Optional provision of a guest lecture to be scheduled for some time during Spring 2015. Note that if you would like to do a lecture, additional funds must be provided for refreshments.
  • Optional attendance to the presentation and informal networking event

If you have any questions about these terms or the program itself, please send an email to our Program Directors at, or to ACM's corporate relations officer at

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